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Practice Overview

Attorney Andrew Meis has been practicing in Central Ohio and surrounding areas for nearly a decade. Andrew’s main focus is on criminal/traffic defense and landlord/tenant law.

It’s advantageous to have an attorney who is familiar with the workings of each court and can help you understand what to expect.

For criminal and traffic matters, Andrew handles anything from minor traffic tickets to serious violent felonies. For landlord/tenant issues, Andrew focuses on helping tenants who need to break their lease and move out of their current residence.

Andrew prides himself on helping clients navigate a difficult point in their lives. He strives to obtain the best possible outcome for your set of circumstances.

Andrew understands that defense attorneys are oftentimes the last line of defense for the Constitution. He will fight to make sure the government doesn’t abuse the criminal system. He is a firm believer that the government needs to remain accountable for their actions. He will fight with you every step of the way.

Andrew will not sell you a pipe dream. He will shoot straight with you and give you the truth about your case – the positives and the negatives. He will make sure that you have all of the relevant information before you make a decision.

As an experienced attorney, Andrew will make the prosecution work to prove their case.

Andrew worked as a prosecutor in law school, so he understands the “other side” and what they look for in a particular case and set of circumstances. He believes it’s important to look at the case from not only his client’s perspective, but also from the prosecutor’s perspective. This helps him anticipate any moves that the prosecutor will make.

Andrew is able to communicate well with both clients and prosecutors. It’s important to maintain good working relationships with all court staff, including prosecutors. He prides himself on those relationships.

Andrew will work diligently to keep you up to date on any activity in your case whether it be court dates, plea negotiations, or discovery. He’ll make sure that this difficult time in your life goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Andrew realizes that this may be the first experience you have with the criminal justice system. He will listen to your story and discuss the possible outcomes of your case. He will describe the court process and answer any questions you may have. His goal is to alleviate as much stress as possible to ensure that you are making an informed decision about your future.

Andrew understands what it’s like to be locked into a rental agreement that you cannot get out of. Whether you have an unreasonable landlord who won’t make any repairs, or you found a new job and need to break your lease without paying outrageous penalties, Andrew can assist with your particular situation. Your home should be a place of peace and relaxation. Andrew can help relieve the stress of living under an unwanted lease agreement.

Andrew has years of experience in helping out tenants who find themselves stuck in these bad leases. He lived on Ohio State’s campus so he knows the stresses that these leases can bring. A landlord may be dropping the ball on repairs or you may need to move out early and don’t want to pay a penalty to break the lease. He will help get you get out of your lease and into a better situation. He has experience in dealing with all different types of landlords, from large apartment complexes to small single family homes.

Call Andrew for a free consultation. This gives us a chance to informally discuss your case and map out a game plan. This can help alleviate the initial shock of being charged with a criminal/traffic offense or thinking you will have to pay thousands of dollars in early termination fees for a lease.

About Andrew Meis

Andrew Meis, Esq. headshot.

Andrew grew up in northwest Ohio. He graduated from high school in Genoa, Ohio and then re-located to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University. After graduation, Andrew remained in Columbus. He graduated from Capital Law School in 2013 and was admitted to practice law in Ohio later that same year.

Andrew has worked as a criminal/traffic defense attorney since 2013. Andrew has also practiced landlord/tenant law since 2013. He has experience throughout central Ohio and other counties within an approximate 100-mile radius of Columbus.

He’s a member of the Central Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – a group that stays up to date and discusses the ever changing landscape of criminal defense law.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing golf, softball, and volleyball. He enjoys attending Ohio State sporting events, and traveling and hiking with his wife, Michelle.