Are silencers or suppressors legal in Ohio?

  • Yes. Silencers are legal if you use them for certain types of animal hunting.
  • Ohio law states that you can use a silencer or suppressor while hunting game birds or wild quadrupeds.
    • Game birds are defined as the following:
      • Mourning doves
      • Ringneck Pheasants
      • Bobwhite quail
      • Ruffed grouse
      • Sharp-tailed grouse
      • Pinnated grouse
      • Wild Turkey
      • Hungarian partridge
      • Chukar partridge
      • Woodcocks
      • Black-breasted plover
      • Golden plover
      • Wilson’s snipe or jacksnipe
      • Greater and lesser yellowlegs
      • Rail
      • Coots
      • Gallinules
      • Duck
      • Geese
      • Brant
      • Crows
    • Wild Quadrupeds are defined as the following
      • Cottontail rabbits
      • Gray Squirrels
      • Black Squirrels
      • Fox squirrels
      • Red squirrels
      • Flying squirrels
      • Chipmunks
      • Groundhogs
      • Woodchucks
      • White-tailed deer
      • Wild boar
      • Elk
      • Black Bears
      • Minks
      • Weasels
      • Raccoons
      • Skunks
      • Opossums
      • Muskrats
      • Fox
      • Beavers
      • Badgers
      • Otters
      • Coyotes
      • Bobcats

What are the requirements to owning a suppressor / silencer in Ohio?

  • Federal law defines a silencer / suppressor as a firearm.
    • You need to be authorized to possess a firearm under state and federal laws.
    • Need to be 21 years old
    • Need to register the suppressor / silencer in accordance with the National Firearms Act
      • The national firearms registration requires identification of the silencer / suppressor, date of registration, and identification and address.
    • You need to be able to pass the National Criminal Background Check System
    • You must have a valid hunting license under Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code 1533).
    • You need to pay a $200 transfer tax.

What happens if I illegally use a silencer in Ohio?

  • If you commit a felony while using a silencer / suppressor in Ohio, you can receive a 6 year mandatory gun specification sentence.

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